LGV/HGV Driver Training

LGV/HGV & PCV Driver Training

Clear your test in the first attempt

If you have the potential to learn and a passion to drive and you find thrill in driving jobs then our specially designed LGV training and PCV bus driver training is the most suitable for you. We have experienced and skilled instructors in our team who go to extreme lengths in teaching you everything you need to know about the theory and practicality of driving a heavy vehicle. With our HGV training, hundreds of students have passed their CAT C1 licence test in the first attempt. For an exceptional experience, enrol with us today and get started in the transportation and logistics industry

Overview of our LGV Training & PCV Training

What our Courses are based on?

The infrastructure of any country somewhat depends on the logistics industry. There isn’t only driving training involved in the courses that we offer. We ensure that we teach you the rules and regulations of the road, laws you need to abide to, mechanical aspect of the vehicle you drive, customer service and business ethics. All these things come together and create and exceptional and effective HGV training and PCV bus driver training. With us you can opt for various licences.

If you want to step into this career then we prepare you through training to get various licenses. For instance,
CAT C Licence is for driving vehicles of 3500kgs with trailers weighing under 750kgs
• CAT-C+E Licence is for driving vehicles of 3500kgs with trailers of 750kgs
• CAT-C1 Licence is for vehicles weighing from 3500kgs to 7500kgs with trailers under 750kgs
• CAT-C1+E Licence is for vehicles weighing from 3500kgs to 7500kgs with trailers of 750kgs

LGV/HGV Driver Training

We give you a platform to start your career in the transportation industry under the supervision of the best possible instructors.

PCV Bus Driver Training

Opt for a rewarding and a respectable career with our PVC bus Driver training and find bus driver jobs easily.

Forklift Operator Training

Work in manufacturing agencies and warehouses with a tinge of fun with our forklift operator training.

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Job & Career Prospects

Due to the shortage of skilled, professional and experienced drivers, the country has been facing many challenges on every day basis. The government of UK has created thousands of new HGV driving jobs and bus driving jobs with greater benefits than before in order to meet their needs of transportation fluency. With your forklift training you can easily work for any organization where goods are meant to be relocated and stacked within the facility.

Thousands of Rewarding HGV Jobs await you

The amazing benefits about becoming a professional driver are that you get to travel the entire country while getting paid. Soon after you finish with the course, you are provided with a list of HGV Jobs waiting for you.

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Course Funding and Loans

You don’t need to worry about where the minimal funds for your HGV training are going to come from. You can train now and pay afterwards, an option that lets you concentrate better on what you are learning.

  • Funding Options

    Funding Options

    Train now and pay later with our 0% interest rate loan policy.

  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    Find a beneficial job right after you are done with your training.

  • Why Train with us?

    Why Train with us?

    We have a 99% pass rate till date.