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We start from beginner and finish at the advanced level of our personal trainer courses. The idea behind our course is to teach you how you can keep yourself healthy and fit and help others struggling to lead a healthier life with the knowledge that we provide you. Our personal trainer courses are a representation of a soulful and kind mission towards the betterment of humanity. We teach you extensive tricks and techniques of various bodily functions and machinery that can help you and your clients equally. Your fitness training routine is not going to be the same after you enrol in our personal trainer course and start off on the right foot.

An Overview of the Course

What courses are available?

Our motto is simple; we encourage healthier and longer living over unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy sometimes may seem fun but the truth is that healthier lifestyle is way more exciting and beneficial for you. Our personal trainer courses are a way to find out more about your body and how you can fix minor issues with it yourself and a way to incline you towards something that will be of advantage to both of the parties; to you and your clients. Here are various courses that we offer:.

Studio Cycling Workshop

Get in shape and bring in shape with nothing but various cycling techniques in our studio cycling workshop course.

Metabolic Conditioning Workshop

Finally it is time for you to detox yourself through exercise and diet. Learn the right ways to do so in metabolic conditioning workshop course.

Gym Based Boxing Workshop

Loose and gain with the help of sports in our gym based boxing workshop.

Personal Trainer Instructor Course

Gain a business sense and how to find and deal with your clients the right way with our personal trainer instructor course.

Level 3 Personal Training Diploma

If you already are working as a personal trainer, enrol in our level 3 personal training diploma to take your skills to the next level.

Exercise to Music Instructor

Make your workouts more fun by involving upbeat music throughout the routine with exercise to music instructor course.

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Job Opportunities & Career Prospects of a Personal Trainer

The amount of gyms in the country has increased to 70% then what it was before which is a proof that more and more people are inclining towards a healthier lifestyle every day. There are so many fitness instructor jobs in the market that you will get confused which one to take up. Working out on your own can be quite tricky especially when you are a newbie. Because of that, many people require the assistance of a personal trainer in their fitness training routine.

Become a Personal Trainer in a few easy steps and start off your career in the right direction

As a personal fitness instructor you can make up to £30,000 per annum and on top of that you can start your own health business where you can guide your clients at their personal gyms and open a dance studio.

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Course Funding Options

Many new graduates enrol in our personal training courses without any funds. For your comfort we have come up with our no interest rate loan policy so that you can train first and pay later at your ease.

  • Funding Options

    Funding Options

    Avail our 0% interest rate loan option and pay later at your ease.

  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    Instantly find a job soon after you are done with your training.

  • Why Train with us?

    Why Train with us?

    For a lifelong beneficial career and experience, choose us today.