Culinary & Chef Training Courses

Professional Culinary & Chef Training Courses

Create Magic on the Plate

People who love food usually love to cook food too. Food is a passion for many people and most of them find comfort in anything that has something to do with food. Our full time and part time cooking courses are designed for food enthusiasts who hold the potential of creating something beautiful through food. We offer a variety of cooking classes to our students who want to specialise in various subjects regarding food. The best part of our chef training is that you get to eat so many amazing recipes that by the end of the training you might have to enrol into our fitness and active leisure training course.

What is included in Our Culinary & Chef Training Courses

Our training team collectively has come up with a kind of curriculum which allows you to give attention to both, theoretical and practical way of learning. With food, you mostly need to learn through experimentation and we encourage students to never be afraid of making mistakes so that they can learn from them.

Professional Culinary Diploma

Learn the secrets of becoming a professional chef and entering in a competition with renowned chefs in the country through our professional culinary diploma.

Food Safety Level 2 Award

Become an expert at everything that includes food safety. The thing that’s most important for the food business is the food safety & food hygiene course.

Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

Enhance your cooking skills and take them to the next level to the sea. Become a ship cook with our extensive ship’s cook certificate assessment.

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Career Prospects & Job Opprotunities

Career Prospects after your Culinary Training

As long as the humanity exists the food will exist. The food business, no matter how small, if done right, always grows to be successful. The chances of such a business getting in trouble are too low. Every food business at least hires three to four employees to get their work done. This number obviously grows according to the size of the business. The chef’s position in this entire organization is the most critical and the most well paid position.

Become a Part of the Hospitality Industry and earn up to £30,000 Per annum

If you are innovative with your food and like to work to the perfection, you will be instantly hired in fine dining restaurants across the country. Our food hygiene course can get you a place in organizations that are responsible to keep a check on food businesses in terms of cleanliness and food safety. You can end up working as a government employee and make more than expected amount of money.

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Course Funding Options

Don’t let the uneasiness about your financial situation get to you. Our main focus is to deliver skilled professionals to the country in order to contribute in the success of this region. We encourage you to enrol even if you cannot afford a tuition fee upfront. Our 0% interest rate loan will turn out to be extremely helpful for you in such circumstances.

  • Funding Options

    Funding Options

    You never have to worry about a missed payment again. Train now and pay later at your ease.

  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    Find a list of job opportunities right at your door step as soon as you finish training with us.

  • Why Train with us?

    Why Train with us?

    For an instant growth effect in your career and a lifelong security choose us as your training school.